Melody will be speaking on a panel discussion about women in the sneaker industry at the High Museum of art this Friday evening.  She will be in excellent company with other ladies in the same field including Sophia Chang and Hello Bosco

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Tasha Webster
Tasha Webster

August 04, 2016

The impact you all are making outside of the realm of just retail is amazing. I’ve followed Ms. Melody for some time now and I can humbly say that she is one of the reasons that I began pursuing a career as an artist. After hearing her story and her change in careers despite the potential barriers was empowering. I say that to say, that as a 29 year old woman, it’s sad that it took me to see such ambition and to find a role model in a woman that I’ve never met, all through social media. It speaks to the fact that there are few women within the community that are essentially conscious and impacting younger women in such a way. Maybe these women are there, but how accessible are they? How diverse are the groups that they mentor and share their stories with? When I reflect on being a kiddo in school, I cannot recall one woman that made her presence known and sought out kids in my community to say, “look, you can do this too” or to remind us of our worth and strength as females. I’ve only seen this exchange on television (rarely) and now via social media. Thankfully, I have the maturity and discernment to choose the appropriate role models, but not all of us have that and the negative, sexual, and immature women portrayed and glorified now-a-days seem to play a larger role. Yes, I looked up to my mother, but she is of a generation that took the 1st job that they could get and speaks on simply being grateful with that. They played it safe and didn’t like to challenge the “norm”, understandably.

It is my hope that the group of awakened women will carry our future generations in a positive direction one person at a time. We have to leave a legacy for the women that you all describe. I cannot say enough how amazing it is that you all are using this platform to spread these messages.

Thank you for sharing! This just put a lil more fire in my belly!

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