In lieu of my visit to the White House last week discussing the gap between gender payroll's, this happened today. How timely! 

Yesterday, five of the biggest stars on the US women’s national soccer team made it very clear that while they kick the same balls as their male counterparts, they get shafted. They filed a federal complaint agains the US Soccer Federation for paying them less.


A lot. The women (think: stars like Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd) say they’re making 40% of what the men are making in some cases. They claim the US Soccer Federation is shortchanging them on salaries, bonuses, and appearance fees. Reminder: paying women less just because they are women is so not legal. Another reminder: the US women’s team dominates world soccer. They’re currently the defending World Cup and Olympic champs. Not player hating, but the US men’s team has never made it past the World Cup quarterfinals.


The US Soccer Federation says they do a lot for women’s soccer thank you very much, and that they’re “disappointed” about the news. But supporters - including players on the men’s national team - say this is a problem that needs to be fixed asap.

If you can bend it like Beckham, why not get paid like Beckham? These five players aren’t the only female professionals getting paid less than men. This lawsuit is part of a much larger push to close the gender pay gap.

story cited from "The Skimm"