For the last year or so, I have been very drawn towards designing and making apparel. Everything about it became something that I wanted to drown myself in, learning all the details about cutting, sewing and materials I could soak up. I very much still feel like a student. We have been slowly rolling out a series of pieces. Inspired by the women's liberation movements, women in general that inspire us, movies that shaped our views growing up in the 80's and 90's, hip hop, punk, London and materials like Chambray that are classic and comfortable. I have been super interested in reworking classic silhouettes for the feminine and bringing a new voice to fashion. 

The Coaches Jacket that drops tomorrow is one of my favorite pieces that's coming out. The coaches jacket in general is an iconic silhouette. I took it upon myself to rework the jacket to make it fit women in a more flattering way, without compromising the athletic, utilitarian vibe of it.  We cropped it slightly so that you can wear it relaxed or cinch it up for a different look.

Im excited about the growth and development of ME as a brand, and I thank you for being a part of our journey.