The whole concept of time and timing and timelessness seems to be trending in my life as of late.  For many artists I think its important to create art thats able to stand the test of time, and not only that, but products that give you a sense of time. Do you know what I mean? Its like when you buy something really special, and it just makes you feel like you have time.  As a product designer, this has been plaguing me a little bit. When I first started making things, I was so fascinated with the idea that I was able to produce something, like AT ALL. I was like a baby learning how to translate thoughts into things, and thats all that mattered. As I've matured so to speak, Ive been able to learn more about the production process, materials and functionality. I feel like I am just now becoming a toddler in my business. Im still a child, but a bit older, i can navigate things and most importantly I have more refined preferences and am much better at saying NO.

Its always been important to me to create products that were accessible to people, despite their financial condition.  Oddly enough when I started making jewelry, a lot of big names were attracted to and supported the pieces. It brought me so much joy that you could see someone like an Erykah Badu wear something, and then you can go online and it was there at an attainable/ reasonable price. 

With all this said, making jewelry for me at this stage has been sort of daunting. I don't accessorize the way that I used to in my personal life, so Im having a hard time identifying what I want to make.  Also, as much as I love the "cheap and cheerful" items that I have made for so long with great love, I am more drawn to fine jewelry, pieces that I can invest in. Don't get me wrong, I still like nothing more than buying a fat gold chain that Ill probably wear for a year and get sick of or some fun gold earrings, but Im changing as a person and as a designer.  In the interim of figuring out how I want to move forward with the jewelry, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have been increasingly drawn to and inspired to make apparel. Its so fun for me to move from thinking of peoples faces to their bodies. Thinking about the fabrics and fits that are flattering and interesting. Bringing in all my inspirations and translating them through way of graphics and silhouettes.

As I transition through making these different products, I want to thank you for supporting my company and my visions and dreams from my baby years as a designer/ owner to my now toddler stages. My biggest critic will always be me, and I will always strive to work harder and better. Its how i serve, and it brings be great joy.

I have never been one to follow the status quo, and because I have made accessories, I have never really followed "seasons" according to the fashion world…however this might be the first fall/winter in which we wont be releasing a full jewelry collection. Its kind of scary and strange, I must admit.  I almost feel like time is not on my side, but I know thats not true.  I know that I have time to create a full collection that I feel great about, and when its right, it will be time for its release.  I hope you enjoy the other items we are coming out with….which outside of ME items, also includes a full collection with Reebok (apparel and footwear) that comes out in December. 

With Great Love