Yesterday, I had the chance to host an incredible luncheon alongside supermodel Miranda Kerr and the Reebok women's crew. The Reebok team did a wonderful job of inviting some pretty inspiring women, some of which I already have the pleasure of being friends with, and others who I was so happy to meet. Its pretty powerful to be in a room with 30 or so other ladies who are doing the damn thing. Its interesting, because as I grow, Im realizing that the mean girls never really go away. There's always some who are fighting their own battles and don't know how to be comfortable with people or things that challenge their personal ideals or beliefs. Its so important to remain true to yourself, stand your ground no matter what and be an individual. When you do what you love and whats in your purpose- you become a magnet and tend to attract a lot of things, not all of them good. All that to say, it was nice to be in a room full of girls who are taking the high road.

Its wonderful to be working with Reebok, because I feel like they are truly dedicated to women. Historically, they were the first sneaker company to create shoes specifically for women - remember the aerobic movement in the 80's with Jane Fonda?! Its cool to be a part of something that has that sort of heritage. Its a total set up that they would make me take pictures with a freaking supermodel. Everytime we took a selfie, I would stare at the phone like "how do you look photoshopped naturally" - its amazing when beauty is your purpose and you use it for good-as Miranda does.

Miranda and I also share similar beliefs, and truly believe in putting love into our products. I believe that there is always information in love….so today and everyday strive to do what you love, and I promise you there will be some special information in that action that is meant just for you.


Here are some photos from the event: