Last season I released my last full collection with Reebok Classics.  I didn't want to continue to keep doing collaborations, I felt like I had made a version of all of my dream shoes and didnt want to keep going just for the sake of going. I also wanted all the people who had purchased them to feel like they owned a special piece of a special time. In the words of Hov, all good things must come to an end.

Reebok asked me to come on board to the women's classics division and act as design director. Along the way, they have asked me to contribute to their existing releases with a few co branded items.  Here is a capsule of some items I made inspired by the Women's liberation movement. A percentage of all sales of these items from our site will go towards young girls mentorship and tutoring programs. 

We are also now starting to carry some of my favorite, iconic Reebok silhouettes, namely the Classic Nylons and Classic leathers. For this release we made some special lace locks that come with the shoes.