Allen Iverson is important to ME, not only because he has one of the best crossover's the NBA has ever seen, but because he was a true cultural icon and pioneer in the NBA. He is important to US because he opened doors for so many people to come after him. Its without any question that this came at a price.  He went up against a lot of inertia simply to be himself in a world that tried to put him in a box. Thats why we celebrate him not only as a player, but as a person for his courage, unwavering commitment to being authentic and for his true love and passion for the game.

Its an honor for M.E. to collaborate with the Icon to create our version of his original Question shoe. 

This last weekend in New York, we celebrated the new Hall of Famer and presented our Question design for the 20th anniversary of the shoe.  It was also coupled with a photo presentation of Iverson and his career as shot by longtime friend Gary Land.

Here are some images from the event, we look forward to launching on December 4th. We will be releasing images of the shoe closer to the drop date. 


Iverson photo shot by Gary Land

Melody with the man of the hour

Swizz Beats, Fabolous, Melody, Iverson & Allen Iverson Jr.


The Stack featuring His Hall of Fame ring

My Bruce Lee inspired look