Reclaiming my time by: Suraiya Ali

It's very hard to write about the news. I'm just going to come out and say it-- there's too much of it. John Oliver said on his most recent Last Week Tonight that it seems Trump is "breaking the space time continuum" by packing so much news into such a small amount of time-- we agree. There was, however, a shining light of resistance in this aggressively intense week. Maxine Waters-- fighting the good fight amongst government corruption and incompetence.

On Thursday, July 27th Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) put Treasury Secretary and dad who argues about expired coupons with Old Navy cashiers, Steve Mnuchin, in his proper place-- several seats away from her. Waters inquired at the House Financial Services Committee as to why Mnuchin had yet to respond to her party's letter concerning Trump's financial and political ties to Russia from May 23rd. Instead of answering her question and explaining why he dodged the letter, he dodged her question altogether by instead, offering incredibly patronizing compliments and formalities. With every condescending comment Mnuchin threw up, Waters repeatedly answered back with "Reclaiming my time." The phrase is rooted in House procedure, show casing that since Mnuchin was the one getting questioned in the committee, he did not have the political prowess in that moment to dictate that the meeting commences on his time. The meeting commenced on Maxine Water's time; she didn't let him forget it.

"Reclaiming my time" has since become the manifestation of the black hand clapping emoji- used on the internet and in real life by every minority feeling the pressure under Trump Tyranny. To Steve Mnuchin, I say with all the vigor that Maxine Water's has inspired in me; that you really represent everything wrong with this nation. To Maxine Water's, I express as much gratitude as possible for never faltering in the fight you, and many other women in politics, have taken on. Your commitment to your craft reminds us to remain committed to ours.

So reclaim your time: from the violent sexism that interrupts you when you speak, from the dangerous xenophobia that tells you to leave the nation you call home, from the sickening racism that weaponizes your every moment. Reclaim your time. Reclaim your time. Reclaim your time.