My parents named me Melody because they wanted a name that was "international".  They claimed that I could go anywhere in the world and everyone would recognize the language of music. Well I did go to many places but my personal defining correlation of my childhood was moreso with Sanrio's character My Melody. As a kid my parents couldn't afford to buy me a lot of luxuries, but I coveted my Melody stickers and my pencil box at school as my prized possession. Fast forward to today, it's an actual dream to be collaborating with my childhood, and having the opportunity to turn My Melody into an M.E. Girl.

This past Thursday (11/10 to be exact) we hosted an intimate launch party for the release of our much anticipated collaboration with Sanrio. We wanted to thank everyone that came to support our collection. Between the DJ pumping out the jams, our amazing guest and My Melody herself making a special appearance, this will definitely be going down in the books as one of the most magical moments in our brands history.