On January 30, an intimate group of women came together at the Melody Ehsani Soho store for a mindfulness workshop hosted by Cool And Thoughtful, an initiative to redefine what “cool” means in the fashion industry as being empathetic and kind. From stylists and yoga teachers, to entrepreneurs and artists, our diverse group gathered to explore what mindfulness looks like in real life.

Led by Cool And Thoughtful founder Kerrin Smith, the workshop offered four new strategies for practicing mindfulness in daily interactions, starting from Cool And Thoughtful’s premise that inner peace takes full flight when it helps us be kind and present with others. While we convened in the name of mindfulness, the evening itself was about more than the workshop - we came together as strangers to share intimately, find ourselves in the other women’s experience, and to support each other in strengthening our mindfulness muscles. 

The evening showed how fashion and mindfulness can come together powerfully to create community, generate kindness, and enrich each of us so that we can go back out into the world to shine our light for others and appreciate our people.

Photography : Amy Para (@paraskeva)