words by: carmen dual / artwork: polly nor

If it doesn't resonate with you, why engage? We believe that the most beautiful moments can happen in times where we feel the most vulnerable, raw and real. Unfortunately, we have become way too desensitized to who we really are, at our core- as individuals and as a collective. Instead of showing up as who we are, more often than not, we get into a cycle of presenting a version of ourselves that we feel will be more accepted by those around us. We have been hiding behind filters, hashtags, trends and our own satisfaction is, more than ever, greatly dependent on public opinion. The M.E. culture and lifestyle is that ~we don't give a fuck~ about what's popular or trendy, nor do we feel a need to conform to whatever standard that is presented to us. We create our own lane, our own path and rock with those who do the same.

The illustrations created by London native Polly Nor describes a narrative that identifies with the masses. There is something oddly comforting about her work- the satirical, yet beautiful and honest, depiction of female sexuality and the playfulness of issues and emotions represented by a devil. Her art shows women in their real, personal spaces. She tackles societal issues and challenges masked by the status quo. We are beyond hyped to be the only space in America to represent Polly Nor's art in our retail location on Fairfax. 

We are so moved by her intentions and want to honor her truthfulness that she has so graciously presented in her artwork. We welcome you to come and check them out for yourself in person at our retail location at 424 1/2 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles- they are surely a conversation piece.