Not only was she the fastest woman on earth she was also one of the flyest. Born Dec 21 1959 in Los Angeles, Ca Florence Griffith Joyner excelled in running at an early age, by the time she was 14 she won the Jesse Owens National Youth Games. After high school she attended Cal State Northridge to study and run track but left shortly after and worked as a bank teller to support her family.

Coach Bob Kersee found her and helped her enroll into UCLA where she continued to train. Not only was her speed catching everyones attention so was her fashion sense. Flo Jo had a very original style. She would design her own outfits, be in full glam hair & make up and would rock her unforgettable six inch nails.

After the Olympic trials in 1988 she called on her husband and fellow olympic track star Al Joyner to train her for the games. During the 88 Olympics she won 3 gold medals including the 100 meter sprint the 200 meter sprint and the 4 x 100 relay. She also won a silver medal to boot in the 4 x 400 meter relay. 

Flo Jo retired racing after the 1988 Olympic games and gave birth to a daughter, she went on to write children’s books, poetry, did some acting and even designed the Indiana Pacers NBA basketball uniforms in the late 80’s. She passed in 1998 at the age of the 38 leaving fans who adored her with great memories and a legacy of beauty, strength power and speed. Her life is a true testament of hard work and originality, we are so inspired by her story. There will never be another Flo Jo.