Female (K)Night
By: Carmen Dual 

Since the inception of our retail space, Melody’s intention was to use our shop for something other than selling things. Being the only women’s store on our block in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, we are honored to be a female voice in the hub of a male dominated community. With that, this past weekend, Melody invited her mentor, Julie Walker, into our space to host a workshop. For a little background, Julie serves as a medical intuitive and develops models of evolution related to healing, based on observations of universal patterns of change. In essence, she studies trends within civilizations that cause them to rise and fall, including the modern world we all live in today. The workshop, essentially, was a meeting of the minds, an experience that we want to share with you all. 

Although we had two separate gatherings, the one on Friday night was extended to females only. Being in a room full of beautiful, intelligent, articulate and conscious women was so empowering, and to be honest, refreshing.

There is no doubt that the tragedies that we are currently witnessing on our news, on our social media timelines, in our communities, in our homes, in our schools and in our lives- are all direct or indirect results of a disastrous depletion of love. The question Julie posed to us was, what role does the feminine play in getting us to this point and what can we do to bring our human race back on track?

Seeming like an obvious observation, I was unaware of a very simple truth: If the feminine is not connected to our core and to those around us, our outside world will always reflect a state of disarray and chaos. Being the creators of life and connectors of the spiritual and physical world, women have to be especially careful and cautious of maintaining power. How do we stay at our most charged, elevated, powerful selves? I am delighted to share that it is more simple than it may appear.

In our “instant” culture, women have lost power in a variety of ways, including those in which make us femine. Social media has taken over our daily lives and perpetuates self-doubt, comparison, isolation, self-hate, has elevated the level of vanity and places a higher value on the physical rather than focusing on who we are. Furthermore, it stifles our interaction with one another, we easily dismiss if someone doesn’t play up our egos. We were not created to interact in this manner- in fact we are being distracted from the way in which we are supposed to! The outside world is focused solely on telling us who we are versus encouraging self discovery and connection.

Our culture is obsessed with seduction. We are using seduction- a function of the back brain, as a primary tool to get what we want, foregoing our force of natural attraction- a function of the front brain. When you resort to seduction, you are reacting to a lack of power and therefore eroding natural attraction which unlocks unlimited power because it radiates from the being of who you are, and not who you’re not. Attraction is acting authentically and connects you to the flow of the universe. When we are authentic, there is no competition! When we come from our authentic core, there is room for everyone because we are all divinely and uniquely made. We are truly one of one. How amazing is that??!!

Using instincts that are not of our spiritual nature causes chain reactions. As women, we create the standards of respect and interaction, and have unfortunately, forgotten who we are and have fallen for the mirage the world has presented to us. When you forget who you are in your purest essence- a spiritual being- it manifests into fear and disempowerment.


So I ask you this- what reminds you of you? What are the things, or people who, awaken your best self? What are the things that give you identity? What are those things that resonate with you and give you a feeling of home

Is it a smell? Is it your best friend? Is it being in nature? Is it running? Is it swimming? Is it painting? Is it reading? Is it listening to a particular type of music? Is it being in a certain place? It could be anything. The important part is to know what those things are and stay connected to it. You want to only connect with people who empower and acknowledge you- we cannot afford anything less than that. It is in this space that we embrace our Sacred Roles and focus on the gifts that we have- not the ones that we don’t. We get too wrapped up in what we are not, rather than what we are and it’s here that we lose ourselves. Be sure to check in with yourself and reflect. You don’t need anyone to acknowledge your power- you already have it! It is innate within you. For the record, let’s be clear: we don’t want perfection- we want you! So show up, we want to see the real you. 

With love,

Team M.E.