Girl Power Alert: Malia and Yara head to Harvard

Girl Power Alert: Malia and Yara head to Harvard

Harvard University is about 100 years older than the United States itself. Established in 1636- it’s notoriety it obvious. A lot of people write the school off as a crazy dream, the acceptance rate is actually 5%. If you know someone who goes to Harvard, went to Harvard, is connected to Harvard; you gloat about it for sure.

Well guess what- we know TWO girls who blew that acceptance rate to pieces. Congrats to Yara Shahidi and Malia Obama for being the definition of girl boss; both will be starting at the institution in Fall of 2017. Malia will be joining Yara after her gap year, while Yara will be running to Boston straight out of high school.

Here at the shop, we can’t express how proud we are of these two young women of color. Malia Obama represents a strength, poise, and intelligence that lead this nation to great things. We know that she’s going to seriously change the world while blazing a trail of compassion wherever she goes. Yara Shahidi, model and friend of the Mel brand, stands an exemplar of the mixed identity and the creative process. Her future is just as bright as the work she’s already created in her young and accomplished life.

The girls getting into Harvard is no small feat. They now stand as role models for several generations of girls both younger and older than them. We salute you and your hard work. Stay warm, stay powerful, and stay bossin’ out. Thank you for inspiring us daily, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

Words by: Suraiya Ali