There's nothing subtle about the style on HBO's Insecure. While a graphic tee or color choice may seem obscure— every print, every accessory, every style choice is carefully selected to parallel the character's frame of mind at any given moment.

Stylist Shiona Turini spoke to the New York Times about the subtleties of style on the show and how she looks to certain brands to push the message. Issa's character, known for political tees, has worn an impressive array of shirts bearing of-the-moment, political messages. Everything from an "The FBI Killed Fred Hampton" shirt to our (now sold out) "Forever My Lady Tee" featuring Michelle Obama.

If you're thinking of carving out some time to rewatch season 3 to check for the wardrobe clues, we don't blame you. While you're at it, check out our current tee collection and get inspired. 

Read the full NY Times interview with Shiona Turini HERE