Janelle Monae is a longtime supporter of the Melody Ehsani brand and for that we are forever grateful. She's worn almost every pair of our statement earrings and it's incredible to see her grow in success as an actor, performer, and activist. As someone who spends a lot of time on the road, naturally Janelle has a checklist of must-pack items. She recently chatted with the New York Times on what she takes on the road and we were honored to have made the list.

Janelle credits candles, photographs, a good pair of overalls, and Melody Ehsani jewelry as travel staples. She says,

“I love to have jewelry options so I try to keep my jewelry bag with me because I like being able to get creative with that. Especially if I’m going to keep my wardrobe simple for sound check, I want to be able to have jewelry that I can really have fun with and play with. I love my Melody Ehsani earrings, she made these earrings shaped like exclamation marks, they’re really cool."

Whether it's a world tour or a morning commute, our girl always travels with peace and confidence. Her mantra of the moment? "Oh world peace, oh world peace." When asked if it was working she replied, "Sure, absolutely. I hope so. Have you seen me out here acting crazy on ‘TMZ’?”

Read the full interview here  and shop the Kill Him With the No! earrings here

Illustrations by Estelle Morris