Melody Ehsani was featured on which is a site dedicated to woman looking to Create & Cultivate the career of their dreams.

C&C recently partnered up with Keds footwear for the first ever Ladies First 100 list honoring one-hundred women across 10 categories in everything from wellness & beauty to food & philanthropy. Melody was chosen along with 9 others within the Fashion category to share their success stories.

Here is a excerpt from the feature.

“In our world,” says Melody, “it’s so easy to get distracted and to truly forget who we are. It’s so important to check in daily and find memory of who you know you are, as opposed to who people want you to be.” 

She’s not immune to fear or doubt. Mediation, looking in versus looking out, and staying connected spiritually are all vital to her success.  Every morning she wakes up, prays/meditates, does 20 minutes of stretching on a foam roller, and then takes her journal down to my favorite coffee shop. Where she sits “with a cup and has ME time. It sets the tone for my day.”

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