Melody Ehsani was recently featured as one of Sonos's "7 Badass Female Creatives That Want To Help You Listen Better."

In Sonos’s quest to enable better listening, we can’t help but notice the deafening silence: Far too often, underrepresented voices go missing in all the noise, even as the sonic internet opens up new platforms and possibilities. With each day, the need to amplify important conversations and foster communities that enable women to be heard only gets more pressing.

Introducing the Sonos Sound Collective, a community of seven badass, creative women in Los Angeles who will spend the year exploring what it means to listen better. Throughout the year, each woman will spark conversations by asking questions about the world around (and within) themselves, using sound as an exploratory tool to craft a deeper dialogue.

Freely, Deeply, Together

For there first sound exploration, each member of the collective was asked to introduce themselves with a song. Which track, makes you feel your best? The result is a playlist of inspiring songs, which you can listen to below.

Meet the Sonos Sound Collective: