Friday, January 13th:

Topic: Where We Are, Where We Were, and Where are you?

Talk will take place from 7-10 pm

Location : 424 1/2 N. Fairfax Ave. LA CA 90036

Fee: Suggested $40 donation, but up to your discretion

PLEASE RSVP at your earliest convenience as space is limited.

For those of you who dont know Julie, she's a very gifted healer/ medical intuitive based out of Wilmette, illinois.  Over the years, Julie has worked with peoples from all over the globe in the healing arts. She lived in South Africa and Swaziland for over a decade with her family where she was trained by and worked with traditional healers from various regions. She was the first non African and first woman to have graduated from and be a member of the Traditional Healers Organization of Sub Saharan Nations.   While living there she began to explore and develop models of evolution related to healing and the sciences based on observations of universal patterns of change. www.julieburnswalker.com